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The Central Scotland Guitar Club


                     NEXT MEETING : Monday 27th October
                          8.00pm, cross house Linlithgow

Intro: Early days yet......... the first get together of the central Scotland Guitar Club (CSGC) took place in Linlithgow Burgh Halls lounge bar (over 18's) Monday 25th Feb 8.00pm. So far we have had a reasonable turnout but the more the merrier so anyone interested in coming along to play or listen please do so. The remit is instrumental acoustic guitar music (Celtic, Folk, Classical, Blues, Bluegrass or whatever) any standard beginner to professional. The plan is to get together every last Monday of the month but it all depends on the level of interest shown.......see you there.

The meetings will be very informal and very likely a complete shambles but hopefully a lot of fun.....


Our Goals
  • Provide a public social forum for acoustic guitarists of any level.
  • Promote instrumental acoustic guitar music in west lothian.
  • Create a friendly 'no pressure' live environment to try stuff oot.
  • Just have some fun hopefully.

01/03/08 :  The first meeting of the Central Scotland guitar Society was moderately successful considering the atrocious weather on the evening. We had 11 people turn up which wasn't bad. All players were classical guitarists. We had a brief blether then worked out a sort of loose format for the evenings. Since mostly classical players present and everyone reads music the format at present is : work through any ensemble material (music emailed out beforehand) then listen to any solo's duo's etc from anyone who wants to play. This format seemed to work well the ensemble playing breaking the ice (nothing difficult here the parts deliberatly kept sight readable). So that's the format for the moment. If your a steel string player or you don't read music please don't let that stop you coming along. The sight reading stuff will only be at the start of the evening and we can get you started on reading if you want to. This is a friendly, no pressure environment where you can try out new material safely!

Anyone interested in participating send an email to and you will be added to the mailing list.

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